Smoky Sails


The air has been thick with smoke. It’s blocking the sun and making it feel cooler than it should. Our play in the water seems to at an end until it clears.

What better way to still be near the water – playing with Gareth’s childhood boat on the chump lake waves.



Baking with Dad


During Max’s nap today Gareth asked Callum what he would rather do – watch a show or choose a new recipe to try from the cookbook he got for Christmas.

He chose to bake with dad. Apparently sometimes that requires additional protection!


I hope he always chooses to experience something new rather than to plop down in front of a screen.



My World


This past week and a half I’ve shed a lot of tears as my heart was broken when my friend was killed in a tragic car accident. All of a sudden so much I have been worrying about ceased to matter. So much I was stressing out about meant nothing.

We said good-bye to him on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. It really hit home how much I have to be thankful for.

My family has truly become my village, I couldn’t live this life without them. These two are my whole world. I am lucky beyond measure that they are a part of me.

Try to remember how much you have, how lucky you are, how the trivial things we really let get to us don’t matter.

Hug those you love super tight.

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Today I’m grateful for a messy house and a healthy boy (who makes the house that way).
Today I’m choosing patience and to be happy for his “help”

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photography 10

Today I’m thankful for my village.
For love and support and smiles and laughs.
For the massive influence they have over Callum and how he’s learning more than he ever could with just Gareth and I.

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photography 11

Today I’m choosing to embrace the crazy.
The whirlwinds, the bustle, the running and screeching.

Today I’ll remember we’re teaching him to be fun, to be playful, to smile.
And that when it backfires it’s my fault!

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photography 13

Today I’m relishing in this small moment of calm.

Today, and every day, I’m grateful for this man who is the best father Callum could ever ask for.

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photography 12

Today I’m feeling so lucky to have this busy, wonderful boy right here beside me. And to enjoy it while it lasts.

Roughley Originals Photography 001

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I believe in teaching him to jump in mud puddles
and laughing and playing and getting dirty.

I want him to know they’re just clothes,
and having fun and being outside with your family is way more important than (maybe) ruining the brand new outfit grandma just bought (oops!).

I believe in running and chasing
and teaching him that this is what matters.
This moment.
With these people.

Roughley Originals Edmonton Children Photography 23

Roughley Originals Edmonton Children Photography 22

p.s. the outfit was recovered. thanks grandma xox





Almost every day when I’m at home with him he wanders around the house calling him.

This boy loves his dad.




Turning 29


Turning 29 meant waking up early to the nonsensical chattering of a 15 month old beautiful little boy.

It meant being (gently) pushed back into bed by my husband for a few more minutes of rest.

It meant that little boy oh-so-proudly carrying up the card he had scribbled on while his dad guided his hand to write out his name.

Turning 29 meant my heart being so full of love for these two boys in my life. Who are my life. It meant sitting on the floor and laughing and playing and not looking at the time.

Watching these two making bread. Of the explaining and patience Gareth never ceases to show, for the thoughtfulness he is constantly putting in while raising his son.

Turning 29 meant one more day in this wonderful life.

Roughley Originals Edmonton Children Photography 01

Roughley Originals Edmonton Children Photography 02

Roughley Originals Edmonton Children Photography 03






Callum doesn’t need much to amuse him, especially at grandma and granddad’s house. Free reign outside, lots of rocks, warm sunshine and dad keeping him safe.

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