Hello 2016


We started the year off outside, with lots of laughs and happy boys.

It’s going to be a pretty amazing year.

Edmonton Family photographer

The day was warm, the sky stayed pink, sunrise never disappearing.

We bundled the boys up and headed out of the city, drove for about an hour, and ended up at Gouldson Tree Farm.

Out of the truck to choose our sleigh. Last year was Dasher, this year was Dancer.

There was just enough snow for the sleigh to slide along, but not too deep for a 2 year old’s little legs.

Callum decided that the very first tree we came upon was the one. Unfortunately it was at least 12 feet high. It took some convincing, but he agreed to continue the search.

We walked, we discussed, we played. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

This is one of my very favourite Christmas traditions. I just adore the whole day.


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Should that be called the longest title ever?

As a photographer, especially this time of year, I get home, I put my equipment away, and I forget about my big camera. Our lives have been such a whirlwind since Max arrived I have struggled with capturing him as he grows. And holy man – capturing them together?! Nearly impossible.

So we did it. We honestly cancelled half a dozen times, but we changed our minds, and Gareth and I set out with Mason’s mama Nicole, and we spent the evening playing, running and jumping up and down like maniacs to make them laugh.

And in true Callum fashion, he smashed his face into the ground not 5 minutes into this. Blood everywhere, tears from both of us, I thought we were done. But he dried his tears, we cleaned the blood off, and I swapped his shirt with one I threw in the bag not 5 minutes before we left.

And we had an amazing evening.

Roughley Originals Photography 1

Roughley Originals Photography 2

Roughley Originals Photography 3

Roughley Originals Photography 4

Roughley Originals Photography 6

Roughley Originals Photography 5


How I love these boys so.





Some days we take them along to check out our spots for an upcoming wedding.

And then we play.

Edmonton Family Photographer 1



The Lake is For


The lake used to be for staying up late, sleeping in and lounging in a chair all day.

It used to be a place to recharge our batteries, go for a run, and do as much or as little as we wanted.

It used to mean cocktail hour and late night drinks around the campfire.

The lake has become a place of early mornings, long afternoon naps, and countless hours in a sandbox.

It’s a place to throw rocks in the lake, march down a gravel road and head to grandma’s for an afternoon treat.

It’s watching the sunset and night time cuddles with tiny babies.

It’s no TV, no technology.

No timelines.

Just us.

Edmonton Family Photgrapher Roughley Originals 1

Edmonton Family Photgrapher Roughley Originals 2 Edmonton Family Photgrapher Roughley Originals 3



Fort Edmonton


I always think to myself – my boys are so lucky to have great grandparents in their lives. Great grandparents who want to play and laugh and show them as much as they can.

But as we were walking through Fort Edmonton on an outing Nanny had planned I remembered just how lucky I am too.

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My Christmas Wish


I wish for Christmas to be full of memories made.

I wish for Christmas to be time spent together. Our laughter mingling loud through the air, our breath hitting freezing temperatures while we play in the snow.

I wish that my children don’t remember what’s under the tree, but who gathers around the tree.

That they baked cookies with grandma every year.

And that we took an afternoon to choose the Christmas tree to call Santa into our home.

I wish for magic. And that can only come with time spent.

Edmonton Family Photographer 01 Edmonton Family Photographer 02





Today I’m grateful for a messy house and a healthy boy (who makes the house that way).
Today I’m choosing patience and to be happy for his “help”

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photography 10

Today I’m thankful for my village.
For love and support and smiles and laughs.
For the massive influence they have over Callum and how he’s learning more than he ever could with just Gareth and I.

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photography 11

Today I’m choosing to embrace the crazy.
The whirlwinds, the bustle, the running and screeching.

Today I’ll remember we’re teaching him to be fun, to be playful, to smile.
And that when it backfires it’s my fault!

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photography 13

Today I’m relishing in this small moment of calm.

Today, and every day, I’m grateful for this man who is the best father Callum could ever ask for.

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photography 12

Today I’m feeling so lucky to have this busy, wonderful boy right here beside me. And to enjoy it while it lasts.

Roughley Originals Photography 001

 Some of these photos I’ve already shared on my instagram feed. So my apologies if you follow me there too. If you don’t why don’t you join me?



The Lake


This is the place I grew up. The place I feel the most at home. This is the place I need when it’s time to unplug and recharge.

It is absolutely amazing watching my son now discover it. To make it our own and something for us.


Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 02

Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 03 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 07







Our last days in the UK were spent in London, one of my very favourite cities. Being in a busy, bustling place is a whole different ballgame with a little man. Our usual routine in London is to hit the pavement as early as we can, and see as much as we can in a day. This trip had  much slower, relaxed pace.

We played in Holland Park, we cozied up in a few pubs, we visited with one of our very best friends, and we soaked up the last moments of our adventure.

Callum was enthralled with the grass, the birds, the buses, with the bustle that is brand new to him. With the things that spring will bring back to Edmonton that he doesn’t remember. So much of this trip was just for us, he napped and missed much of the excitement.

Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 02

Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 01

Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 05


Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 04

Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 06

Roughley Originals Edmonton Photography 07

And just like that, it was time to come home.