Both Gareth and I are starting personal projects for 2016. We’re joining a group of talented photographers.

52 weeks, 52 photos. Each week has a different theme and we have to take a photo that represents the theme.

I’m so excited to be a part of this.

Week 1
Theme – Hello

I see things through my son’s eyes a lot of the time now. We take for granted what we have learned as we have grown, but when I stop to watch him, I see the vast expanse the world must be to him. The wonder, the excitement. It makes me look at the world differently.

So, hello 2016. May this year be good to us.

Roughley Originals Photography002-2






Grandads are for buying chocolate and going down slides and playing trucks on Danger’s Man’s bed.

Grandads are for busy moments and running through grocery stores and keeping up with eager little boys.

Roughley Originals Photography 001-9



Happy Birthday Dad


Today is the birthday of the man who has been my number 1 since day 1.

To the grandpa who knows every single child at Callum’s dayhome by name because he picks him up so much.

To the dad who was the first one to ask me how I was doing after I had Callum. And the person who kept asking in the weeks after. As much as he loved his new grandson it meant the absolute world to me to know I was still tops for him.

To the man who worked harder than anyone else I know to give us a childhood full of fort building, s’mores around campfires, and teenage years full of dirtbikes instead of shopping malls.

We love you more than words can say. Our weekend getaway to celebrate you in Canmore was perfect. A milestone birthday deserves such a memorable weekend. I think the ride in the crazy cool car didn’t hurt either.

Love you.

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photographer 01Roughley Originals Photography001-2

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photographer 02


Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photographer 04

….and after a summer of running around in pajamas and rubber boots (Callum), drinking coffee in the sunshine on the deck (me) and playing in the sand box (Gareth) it was time to pack up and say good-bye to our summer home.

September has been a nutso month for us, so this was actually the last weekend in August.

It felt like fall. The leaves had started to turn and there was a definite chill to the air. It shouldn’t have been, no way in August, but mother nature knew it was our last of the season.

A weekend of ice cream smiles, dance parties, playing ball with dad, Gareth playing with his new toy (Canon A1 film camera) and plaid plaid plaid.

Summer has been pretty perfect.


Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photographer 02

Roughley Originals Edmonton Family Photographer 03




Oxwich Bay


Our last day in Wales and the sun shone down on us. We had endured many days of rain during our month long visit, so this was a day to treasure.

We headed to Oxwich Bay in the Gower Peninsula, one of the many stunning, pristine beaches in Wales. There have been so many storms recently that the beach has changed dramatically. The soft sand has turned to rough pebble, the majority of the sand dunes have been washed away.

We played and explored and collected shells. If you have ever been to our home, our bathroom is full of these simple treasures I love to gather.

Once again, Wales, you were good to us xox

Roughley Originals Photography 001 Roughley Originals Photography 002

Roughley Originals Photography 003 Roughley Originals Photography 004






Welcome to our little space to share our family adventures. We’ll try to share photos as often as we can, and I can assure you most of them will be of Callum.

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Shauna, Gareth and Callum xoxo