Outside Skaters


My parents gifted the boys lessons this year for Christmas – skating and skiing. They’re Canadian boys so we definitely want them to get outside as often as we can in the wintertime.

Today we went skating outside for the first time. We live half a block from our community league rink so I’m hopeful the boys will come grab their skates in the afternoon when they are older and go hit the ice.

Grandma and Grandpa came along. What a great afternoon out in the air.

Max falls down over and over and over again, and he always gets back up. His two year old body is exhausted when we’re finished!



Bubbles on the Deck


The boys came home from a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, Nanny and Poppa, and a whole bundle of family, exhausted and happy and bursting with stories.

We sat on the deck as the air cooled, as they told me the tales of their big adventure, while blowing bubbles and playing with their new bubble guns.

I miss them when they’re gone.

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“Don’t worry Grandma, I’m stronger, I’ll put my bike in the truck.”

We know we have lucky boys when they’ve already been up to the lake before we’ve had a chance. And we know they love it with Grandma and Grandpa when they run to Grandpa’s truck full speed, and they barely turn around to say good-bye.

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It Feels Like Summer


It’s been a long month of feeling like our house is our lives. When it’s cold outside we spend so much time working, playing, doing everything here.

But the sun has come out, the days are warmer…and the water at the spray parks is on.

Days like this remind me why I want to work from home and spend my days with my boys.

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Callum’s first soccer game! When the game officially started he stood there frozen for a few seconds, watching, taking it all in.

Then he put on this face we call his “try hard” face and shouted “watch this!” and went running into a mayhem.

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The game was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! They named the team the Bumblebees, which is perfect because they all run around in a pack, swarming the ball.

After the game Gareth said to Callum – “If the other team has the ball you have to try to get it away from them!”
Callum said: “But I don’t want them to be sad.”

He has such a good heart.

Max is the typical little. He needs his shorts on so he can play soccer too Instead he just concentrated REALLY hard getting his hand into his pocket.

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Deck Progress


Just sitting on the partially finished deck, blowing bubbles and giving their mom a heart attack. Typical Saturday afternoon.

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Easter Snow


I KNOW that it was annoying to see the snow today. But when you have a kid like Callum who loves it, it’s hard to be too upset.

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And of course, copycat brother was right there with him.

Easter Snow