The Big Bed


It’s official…Max is in a big bed! It happened kind of by accident and I was honestly DREADING it. The first night he came out 8 times and giggled all the way back to his bed. He’s such a jokester!

But we’re 3 days in and he’s doing amazing. Fingers crossed he keeps it up!

The rocking chair isn’t going anywhere for a while…that still means there’s a baby in the house to me.

Roughley Originals Photography001-9



Tea Time


Almost everyday the 4 of us sit down at some point for a snack, a warm drink and a visit. It’s not always quiet, it’s often messy. But it’s just so us.

Roughley Originals Photography004



Cereal Mission


Bedhead, concentration, and most of all determination. He’s disgruntled with me for interrupting his cereal mission.
When we designed our new kitchen I had no idea it would be so kid friendly. They can get their own dishes and cutlery and cereal, and they can set the table and be all ready.
Most of the time Callum asks. But not Max. No, no, not this headstrong boy.

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Go, Go, Go


Max has been LOVING climbing under our covers right after his bath and reading “choo choo” – Thomas the Train.

“Go go go!” He’ll repeat over and over as he flips through the pages. He is always insisting – “Read me. Read me”.

So I lie there and listen to his brain making sense of the story.

Roughley Originals Photography001-9



Pure Bliss


Seriously you guys – PURE bliss coming from this kid.

His favourite person in whole world (Callum) is playing his favourite game with him and chasing him around the house.

I’m thankful everyday for our giant island. Some days it’s for cooking, but many, many days it’s for races. We circle around and around…and around again. It is our center, in so many ways.




Max is Keeping Up


Callum and I tried to sneak outside this morning to shovel the walks and play in the snow. It was cold! -22 with the windchill. I thought Max could stay inside and hang out with Gareth and stay warm.

Hell. No.

This kid is NOT having it anymore. There is no sneaking off without him (especially if Callum is coming). There is no distracting him and keeping him inside. He cried and cried until Gareth dressed him up and got him outside.

And you know what? He did just fine.





I have never, ever attempted to take a photo every single day for a year. I do take photos most days, but it’s not always thought out. So here we go, I’m going to try my best to be thoughtful about my photos.

Not every photo will be perfect, but it will have meaning to me. To my family. I want to document my boys and my life and see the changes in us in a year.

So this is how I started 2017. Max was up until midnight New Year’s Eve – which BLOWS my mind, since he’s in bed by 6:30 or 7 most nights. Callum stayed up too, but I knew he would do it.

Max was still up at 7am, ready to go for the day. Some mornings it’s so hard to pull myself out of bed for him, but he is so happy in the mornings. He’s always giggling and smiling and ready for the day. These early morning moments just with him are something to treasure.

This is Max and Evan, his new doll he got for Christmas. He feeds him, he cuddles him, he takes care of him. These tender moments from this high energy boy mean so much to me.

(it’s my goal to get to posting here more once again. Here we go!)