Max and Mom Days


A lot of people have asked how Max is doing, worried about him missing his bro and his friends while they’re all at school.

But in all honesty, he’s loving life right now. He gets our undivided attention, he gets to choose what we do, and he’s having a blast.

I was worried he was going to be sad or bored, but so far, he is one happy boy.

Max set up a Moonlight picnic for us all in Puppyland. After putting them all to bed, he woke them up, set them up, and brought down the snacks.

We’ve been spending a lot of time here lately.



Max the Musician


Max asked if he could write me a song. Then he asked me how. I’m the least musical person there is, but we did our best. He played it for when on his whistle when he was done.

Also – I hope I always remember that he wore his helmet from morning till night during the summer at this age.



Max’s First Fish


This has been a long time coming! Max has been so incredibly proud about being a fisherman, even though he is terrified of the fish!

This was a proud day for all of us. Grandpa and Max especially.

And here the boys are eating the fruits of their labour.



Max on Two Wheels


This boy went and blew our minds today! After being incredible on his strider bike, he jumped on a two wheeler and was starting all on his own within an hour. So proud of him and his constant determination!



Outside Skaters


My parents gifted the boys lessons this year for Christmas – skating and skiing. They’re Canadian boys so we definitely want them to get outside as often as we can in the wintertime.

Today we went skating outside for the first time. We live half a block from our community league rink so I’m hopeful the boys will come grab their skates in the afternoon when they are older and go hit the ice.

Grandma and Grandpa came along. What a great afternoon out in the air.

Max falls down over and over and over again, and he always gets back up. His two year old body is exhausted when we’re finished!