Letting Go



Yesterday Callum had an adventure with his Uncle Josh, just the two of them. Not only did they hang out, but Callum tried ice skating for the first time.

I asked if they needed me to come, you know…just to hang out, make sure everything was okay (and to take a thousand photos I’m sure). And both of them nicely told me – “No, we got this”.

It was strange to miss out on a new experience for my boy. I’m there for it all. He’s still by our side all the time, so I know all of his goings-on.

But the SMILE on Callum’s face when he came home was so incredibly worth it. Not only did skating go well, but he felt so special to be out with his Uncle, just the two of them.

Callum and I spent the rest of the day together, and he described the skating, the falling, the ice, all of it to me.

I guess that’s something us mamas are going to have to get used to, hearing about their experiences after the fact, hey?