The Journey to Wales


We left on Sunday afternoon to start our journey to Wales. We flew out of Edmonton, to Calgary, and we were scheduled to fly out of Calgary at 6:30pm.

Roughley Originals Photography001 copy

Roughley Originals Photography001

The flight to Calgary went great! The boys were excited and happy and strapped in their car seats. It was a juggle to get both boys, us, and all of our gear including the car seats through the airport, but was worth it.

We had a ton of stuff with us – life of a traveling photographer. We had:
1 rolling suitcase full of the boys stuff – backpacks, stuffed animals and blankets
1 rolling camera bag
Diaper bag
2 car seats

I laugh to myself – how did we get through it all?! Did you know there’s no luggage trollys after security? We sure didn’t.

Gareth put the laptop over his shoulders and carried the car seats.
I had Max on my back, rolled the two rolling bags and had the diaper bag sitting on top of that.

We made it through the airport in no time and we were ready for the long flight. Callum kept up no problem.

We got onto the second flight, boys were settled, Callum watched a show and then asked for a story, he was ready for bed.



And then we got deplaned. In the end we waited 8 hours while they had our plane repaired. The boys dealt with it better than I ever expected they could. They found a little friend, and a play area, and they played and ran and laughed for hours. In the end Max fell asleep on me at 1 am, and we were back on the plane at 1:30am. We took off at 2am.

The flight went well – there were some groans and moans and a few cries, but both boys were so good overall. They got nothing but praise from the other passengers.

We arrived in London at around 5pm local time. Off the plane, Max strapped on my back again, Callum hustling along. We didn’t stop the whole way through the airport. We split up at customs, the boys with me, Gareth and the car seats through the EU line. But the customs lady was having none of that. She wanted to know where the children were that belonged in Gareth’s car seats. They called us over, and then shuffled us past the lines and up to the front of customs. A boy on my back got us some special treatment I think.

Through customs, we walked up and our suitcases were coming out. What timing! It was the fastest we’ve ever heard of someone getting through Heathrow airport.

Down to the rental car (a shuttle bus away) – the boys were strapped back in and we were off. The leisurely drive we had anticipated when we booked everything had turned into a drive, after dark and in the rain. The boys were back asleep within half and hour and so we drove straight through for the next 4 hours (with one quick stop to get Gareth some snacks to keep him going).

And we were there! Into grandma Kay and grandad’s house, and we got the boys to bed at 2 am (7pm Edmonton time)