GRADE 1 for Callum Danger

We all walked to school and once we were there he told us he didn’t need us to walk him in. As we waved and he walked confidently inside so many thoughts ran through my head: did I make the most of our years together? Did I cuddle him enough? Did I do enough with that precious time? Logically I know all the answers are yes. I will FOREVER be grateful that I decided to stay home with him when he turned one. I stopped looking for another job and decided to pour myself into him, and into our photography business.

It’s been a word of juggling. It’s been some days feeling endless. It was missing Gareth on those days he worked crazy long hours so I could be home with Callum.

I will FOREVER treasure that I was able to be home with him. That I could work in the cracks and lean on my parents and make this work.

Every late night, every early morning, everything was worth it.

I never wonder if he’ll be kind. I KNOW he will be. I KNOW he’ll try his best and make friends.

Callum is so ready for this, even if I’m not. I’m the proudest mom in the world today as he starts his full days away from us at school.


We wrote his name:

We measured him:

He wrote his name at his height: