I’m sorry…WHEN did he get big enough to put the groceries away? And not just toss them around, he takes them to their drawer in the island and puts their cereal and snack food there.
And he puts the veggies away too. Blows my mind.

We stop him when he tried to put the milk away…because who wants to cry over spilled milk?

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Tea Time


Callum set up a tea party for him and his friend – real tea and all. He even shared his C cup with Simon…and for a 3 year old, that’s a pretty big sign of friendship.

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Learning to Write


Callum is all about the crafts right now! Writing letters to his friends, cutting, decorating, writing notes. We’re taking full advantage and having him learn to write his name, and he is so proud of knowing how to spell it.




Land of Make Believe


It’s been a lot of work to get him to take quiet time once he stopped napping. Our rule is that he is allowed to stay out of his room as long as he doesn’t talk to anyone for an hour. (it’s never a full hour. He comes up with a question, a reason for some contact. Sometimes he does manage to distract us for 5 or 10 minutes before we send him back to read or to play).

We all need the break. Gareth or I – whoever is on kid duty that day – need a chance to catch our breath from the morning activities, to clean up the kitchen, to maybe even sit and have a cup of tea in silence.

But he really needs the time to process whatever has been going on in this head. My favourite thing to do is to listen quietly from the kitchen to his land of make believe he creates when he has the chance. I hear the way he talks to his toys, and I hear our words. The first few times I heard him, it really struck me. He is listening. Every single word, every phrase, everything we say. He’s listening.

It’s all sorts of amazing to me.

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Endless Possibilities


He sat with his gift and made up stories of make believe friends who live in far away places. His mind wandered and explored the endless possibilities.

His brain is trying its best to understand an overseas trip we are preparing for, and there is SO much for a child to comprehend that I’ve never thought about:
Will everything fall down when the plane turns a corner?
I don’t want to go as high as the planes I see in the sky, I’ll be too scared.
Will we fall in the ocean?
Why are Grandma Kay and Grandad in their pajamas at lunch time? (they live in the UK and they’re 7 hours ahead of us).

It’s a really big deal when you have friends who get your kid. Who understand what drives them, and also who take the time to understand how you want to raise them. This globe may have been an object that no longer had a use for our friend, but it was pure gold for Callum.

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Pure Bliss


Seriously you guys – PURE bliss coming from this kid.

His favourite person in whole world (Callum) is playing his favourite game with him and chasing him around the house.

I’m thankful everyday for our giant island. Some days it’s for cooking, but many, many days it’s for races. We circle around and around…and around again. It is our center, in so many ways.




Baking with Dad


During Max’s nap today Gareth asked Callum what he would rather do – watch a show or choose a new recipe to try from the cookbook he got for Christmas.

He chose to bake with dad. Apparently sometimes that requires additional protection!


I hope he always chooses to experience something new rather than to plop down in front of a screen.



I Work Out


My workout buddy. Max is our early riser, so most days he’s up when I do my morning workout.

Just like his brother used to, he’s taken to shouting – “Shoes! Me!” and running to get his running shoes at the door. He tries to do the moves and runs full speed around the island when I’m running on the spot.

When I’m working out, Callum nicely says “Dig deep mommy!”

Max just screams “GOOOOOOOOOOOO!”





Letting Go



Yesterday Callum had an adventure with his Uncle Josh, just the two of them. Not only did they hang out, but Callum tried ice skating for the first time.

I asked if they needed me to come, you know…just to hang out, make sure everything was okay (and to take a thousand photos I’m sure). And both of them nicely told me – “No, we got this”.

It was strange to miss out on a new experience for my boy. I’m there for it all. He’s still by our side all the time, so I know all of his goings-on.

But the SMILE on Callum’s face when he came home was so incredibly worth it. Not only did skating go well, but he felt so special to be out with his Uncle, just the two of them.

Callum and I spent the rest of the day together, and he described the skating, the falling, the ice, all of it to me.

I guess that’s something us mamas are going to have to get used to, hearing about their experiences after the fact, hey?