Callum earned his first paycheck this week. He desperately wants a Paw Patroller – it’s a toy which we think is really expensive. But he’s adamant! So he now has a chore chart and does jobs daily.

He was so incredibly proud to earn his first $5.00

I am so curious to see how this plays out. If he’ll stay committed to the choice, or if he’ll realize how long he’s had to work.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Hands on Learning


Gareth lets the boys do a LOT that scares the crap out of me. But he’s making them into capable people and that means the world to me.

(and good form Callum!)

hands on  learning



You Are My Sunshine


Ever look at your kids and your heart just explodes? Ya…me too.

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Max has been so into havingĀ  a ponytail in his hair lately! He sees me pull my hair back, and he wants to copy. Who am I to say no? It’s not about gender or right or wrong or someone thinking he looks silly. It’s about him wanting to feel connected to his mom, to copy my behaviour. I don’t CARE if someone thinks it’s girly or silly or wrong. He’s just navigating his way.

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Coffee Prep


Gareth gets my coffee ready for me almost every morning. He doesn’t drink it, he doesn’t like it, but he knows I love it and so he takes care of it for me.
The other day Callum asked me – “want me to get your coffee ready for you for the morning Mommy?”
This is a direct reflection on Gareth. He takes care of everyone and is teaching the boys to think of ways to make everyone else’s day easier. Be wild, be a bit crazy, but always be kind my boys.

coffee prep



Blocks & A Digger


Rubble on the double! Between the blocks, his little digger, and his daddy with the big imagination (and construction site experience, because that’s def needed!) Callum is in heaven.



He’s Four Now


A few weeks ago Callum was quiet up in his room for a while…then he came running downstairs – “Mommy! I moved all of my clothes out of my closet! I’m going to need new ones when I’m 4!”

I went upstairs and yep…he had emptied his closet and shoved all of his clothes into his shelving. I was so frustrated! It was one of those days when I felt like ALL I was doing was cleaning up after them.

Fast forward, his first week being 4…and he’s grown 1/2 inch in 3 weeks. And none of his jeans are fitting anymore.
Touche Callum…touche.

He's Four Now