He’s Four Now


A few weeks ago Callum was quiet up in his room for a while…then he came running downstairs – “Mommy! I moved all of my clothes out of my closet! I’m going to need new ones when I’m 4!”

I went upstairs and yep…he had emptied his closet and shoved all of his clothes into his shelving. I was so frustrated! It was one of those days when I felt like ALL I was doing was cleaning up after them.

Fast forward, his first week being 4…and he’s grown 1/2 inch in 3 weeks. And none of his jeans are fitting anymore.
Touche Callum…touche.

He's Four Now



Be Brave


Callum started swimming lessons in the fall.

Now, this is the boy who loves the water. We go swimming a ton. But this is the boy who, at his second ever swimming lesson, I had to sit at the edge of the water and hold his hand because he was so scared. Not of the water, but he didn’t trust the instructor would keep him safe.

We talked constantly about being brave. About trying even if he was scared. About how we’re still right there for him.

This is how far he’s come, and I’m so damn proud of him.

be brave





Max locked the gate at the top of the stairs, and Callum was devastated he was separated from Max and I.

So I opened it back up and we took a few minutes just sitting in the hallway, so we could be together upstairs.

These emotions just overtake him, and it cancels out anything else happening in that moment. So we sit until it’s processed.

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Picture for Grandpa


One thing I want to make sure I remember to do is take a photo of each of the boys – smiling, looking at the camera, so I can capture every detail of them in this moment. They change SO fast.

I asked Callum to look at me and smile – and he said “only if you send it to my grandpa.”

Okay little boy, that can be done.

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I’m sorry…WHEN did he get big enough to put the groceries away? And not just toss them around, he takes them to their drawer in the island and puts their cereal and snack food there.
And he puts the veggies away too. Blows my mind.

We stop him when he tried to put the milk away…because who wants to cry over spilled milk?

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Tea Time


Callum set up a tea party for him and his friend – real tea and all. He even shared his C cup with Simon…and for a 3 year old, that’s a pretty big sign of friendship.

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Learning to Write


Callum is all about the crafts right now! Writing letters to his friends, cutting, decorating, writing notes. We’re taking full advantage and having him learn to write his name, and he is so proud of knowing how to spell it.




Land of Make Believe


It’s been a lot of work to get him to take quiet time once he stopped napping. Our rule is that he is allowed to stay out of his room as long as he doesn’t talk to anyone for an hour. (it’s never a full hour. He comes up with a question, a reason for some contact. Sometimes he does manage to distract us for 5 or 10 minutes before we send him back to read or to play).

We all need the break. Gareth or I – whoever is on kid duty that day – need a chance to catch our breath from the morning activities, to clean up the kitchen, to maybe even sit and have a cup of tea in silence.

But he really needs the time to process whatever has been going on in this head. My favourite thing to do is to listen quietly from the kitchen to his land of make believe he creates when he has the chance. I hear the way he talks to his toys, and I hear our words. The first few times I heard him, it really struck me. He is listening. Every single word, every phrase, everything we say. He’s listening.

It’s all sorts of amazing to me.

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