Busy Day


Staying true to this project I am taking a photo every single day. We were so busy with sessions and editing and packing, so at 11pm I realized I hadn’t taken a personal photo.

The boy’s carry ons are packed, almost ready to go.

busy day

I do want to note, for myself, that we celebrated Max’s birthday yesterday. The beauty of having young children is we could change the date in all of our minds and spend the day celebrating. Callum and Gareth made birthday brownie, Grandma and Grandpa brought smartie ice cream, and we sang Happy Birthday more times than I can count. Max loves that song so much! This allowed us to work all day Saturday in preparation for our trip.

busy day

The little boy who is determined, and headstrong and hell bent on getting his way. The boy who hugs more than any other child I’ve met. Who has developed an incredibly cheeky sense of humour really early in his life. The boy who is passionate and loving and who can push Callum’s buttons like no other. You are two today. But you still fit in my sink, and that counts for a lot in my books. I love you so, baby boy. Happy birthday Max.

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