Bury Port


Grandma Kay loves, loves, loves the ocean. There’s no denying that. All she wants is to spend some time with the boys in the sand. So we suited them up and headed to Bury Port (after stopping at Tesco for some wellies for me!). It’s a large, flat beach perfect for the boys. They have no experience with the ocean – Callum was here when he was 1, but he doesn’t remember that. So grandma Kay had to show them some long, strong shells the boys could dig with – they’re called razor shells – and they went to work using them like shovels and digging up the beach.

Max was instantly into it, and adored digging in the sand. Callum wasn’t so sure, he didn’t quite “get it”. So grandma walked with him and answered all of his thousands of questions.

Roughley Originals Photography001

Max digging in the sand

Roughley Originals Photography003

Drawing in the sand

Roughley Originals Photography007

Roughley Originals Photography004


Roughley Originals Photography010

It’s really cool to see the boys exploring something so incredibly different to home.

Roughley Originals Photography005


Roughley Originals Photography011

Roughley Originals Photography012

When we were finished on the beach Callum a gazillion questions about all of the boats in the harbour. They’ve never seen anything like that before.

Roughley Originals Photography013

As you can imagine, their brains are on overdrive.