Max and Mom Days


A lot of people have asked how Max is doing, worried about him missing his bro and his friends while they’re all at school.

But in all honesty, he’s loving life right now. He gets our undivided attention, he gets to choose what we do, and he’s having a blast.

I was worried he was going to be sad or bored, but so far, he is one happy boy.

Max set up a Moonlight picnic for us all in Puppyland. After putting them all to bed, he woke them up, set them up, and brought down the snacks.

We’ve been spending a lot of time here lately.



Max the Musician


Max asked if he could write me a song. Then he asked me how. I’m the least musical person there is, but we did our best. He played it for when on his whistle when he was done.

Also – I hope I always remember that he wore his helmet from morning till night during the summer at this age.



Grade 1 Survey


This is how I write my name:

I am 3’11” and I weight 50 pounds

My best friends name is: Logan

My favourite thing to play is: Monopoly

My favourite colour: Red

My favourite book: The Heartland books

My favourite movie: Pete the Cat (Really getting into the groove of that show)

When I grow up I want to be: An Elephant Keeper & a welder

My favourite thing about myself: is that I love Lego

What’s one thing you want to do this year? Have lots of fun!

What brings you the most happiness? When I’m playing with my friend Logan and when I’m with Grandpa

What are you afraid of? Sometimes I’m afraid of the dark

When do you feel the most loved? When I’m with my Grandpa

If you had one wish what would you wish for? That my favourite stuffie (Baby) was real

What is the funniest word? Toot!

What is the hardest thing to do? Using your strength to pull a big tree out of the ground! A big one with big roots

What is the easiest thing to do? Lift a feather

If you had all the money in the world what would you do with it? If my children wanted one thing they really wanted I would buy it for them

What is the meaning of life? To have fun!

GRADE 1 for Callum Danger

We all walked to school and once we were there he told us he didn’t need us to walk him in. As we waved and he walked confidently inside so many thoughts ran through my head: did I make the most of our years together? Did I cuddle him enough? Did I do enough with that precious time? Logically I know all the answers are yes. I will FOREVER be grateful that I decided to stay home with him when he turned one. I stopped looking for another job and decided to pour myself into him, and into our photography business.

It’s been a word of juggling. It’s been some days feeling endless. It was missing Gareth on those days he worked crazy long hours so I could be home with Callum.

I will FOREVER treasure that I was able to be home with him. That I could work in the cracks and lean on my parents and make this work.

Every late night, every early morning, everything was worth it.

I never wonder if he’ll be kind. I KNOW he will be. I KNOW he’ll try his best and make friends.

Callum is so ready for this, even if I’m not. I’m the proudest mom in the world today as he starts his full days away from us at school.


We wrote his name:

We measured him:

He wrote his name at his height: