The Hoar Frost


Wasn’t the frost today AMAZING?! We made it outside for all of 5 minutes today. But we made it outside, and fresh air filled their lungs and their spirits were high.

I’m so happy they’re on the mend.

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Cereal Mission


Bedhead, concentration, and most of all determination. He’s disgruntled with me for interrupting his cereal mission.
When we designed our new kitchen I had no idea it would be so kid friendly. They can get their own dishes and cutlery and cereal, and they can set the table and be all ready.
Most of the time Callum asks. But not Max. No, no, not this headstrong boy.

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They Are One


He’s them
and they’re him.
Tangled, entwined, still one.

They are what he began as.
He is what they will become.

But for now, they are one.

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Tea Time


Callum set up a tea party for him and his friend – real tea and all. He even shared his C cup with Simon…and for a 3 year old, that’s a pretty big sign of friendship.

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Learning to Write


Callum is all about the crafts right now! Writing letters to his friends, cutting, decorating, writing notes. We’re taking full advantage and having him learn to write his name, and he is so proud of knowing how to spell it.




Go, Go, Go


Max has been LOVING climbing under our covers right after his bath and reading “choo choo” – Thomas the Train.

“Go go go!” He’ll repeat over and over as he flips through the pages. He is always insisting – “Read me. Read me”.

So I lie there and listen to his brain making sense of the story.

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Land of Make Believe


It’s been a lot of work to get him to take quiet time once he stopped napping. Our rule is that he is allowed to stay out of his room as long as he doesn’t talk to anyone for an hour. (it’s never a full hour. He comes up with a question, a reason for some contact. Sometimes he does manage to distract us for 5 or 10 minutes before we send him back to read or to play).

We all need the break. Gareth or I – whoever is on kid duty that day – need a chance to catch our breath from the morning activities, to clean up the kitchen, to maybe even sit and have a cup of tea in silence.

But he really needs the time to process whatever has been going on in this head. My favourite thing to do is to listen quietly from the kitchen to his land of make believe he creates when he has the chance. I hear the way he talks to his toys, and I hear our words. The first few times I heard him, it really struck me. He is listening. Every single word, every phrase, everything we say. He’s listening.

It’s all sorts of amazing to me.

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Their little hands push the chairs over so they can be a part of whatever is going on at the island. They want to help prep dinner, make smoothies…pour, cut, scoop, measure.

The kitchen is always a mess, but when I see these teeny tiny helper toes peeking out from under their bodies, it makes it all worth the cleanup.

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Every day they ask if it’s time to go to grandma and grandpa’s house. Every day Callum pouts and asks to Facetime grandpa then. (yes, he says Facetime…it blows my mind the technology these guys are growing up with without even trying to introduce it).

They have SO many stories to tell them about as soon as they come in…even if it’s only been a day or two since their last visit.

Max immediately runs to their room to pull out his baby and the toy highchair. Callum talks a mile a minute, updating them on every single musing that’s on his mind.

We live 10 blocks away. These boys are so incredibly lucky to have a second home so very close.

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