Winter in Edmonton is a big reality for us. It takes up over half of our year, and when the air is unbearable and we’re stuck inside. it can become tiresome.

This winter has been, 100% honest, magical to me. Having a little boy who just wants to be outside has forced me to get out there and revel in the magic the snow creates.

This little boy of mine made the Edmonton Ice Castle magical. He barely stopped, he just kept exploring and looking and peering around corners. I’m not sure if he actually realized it’s completely made of ice, but he thought it was amazing.

I thought it was spectacular.
Winter, you’re not so bad.

Edmonton Family Photographer010004





When he asks to go play outside, I’ll do anything I can to make it happen. Even just for a few minutes.

Roughley Originals Photography001-2

Both Gareth and I are starting personal projects for 2016. We’re joining a group of talented photographers.

52 weeks, 52 photos. Each week has a different theme and we have to take a photo that represents the theme.

I’m so excited to be a part of this.

Week 1
Theme – Hello

I see things through my son’s eyes a lot of the time now. We take for granted what we have learned as we have grown, but when I stop to watch him, I see the vast expanse the world must be to him. The wonder, the excitement. It makes me look at the world differently.

So, hello 2016. May this year be good to us.

Roughley Originals Photography002-2




That Gap


That little gap in his mouth tells such a big story. It has become so much of him, and I’m going to miss it when it goes.

Roughley Originals Photography001-5

Callum’s hat and shirt comes from Portage and Main