Santa 2016


Visiting Santa last year was a bit scary for Callum, so I really wasn’t sure how it was going to go this year.

We went to Sherwood Park mall, met Santa as we were walking. Santa opened his arms to Callum, gave him a giant hug, and walked through mall holding his hand and singing Christmas carols. What a start to this magical holiday.

Edmonton family photographer 1

Edmonton family photographer 2

The day was warm, the sky stayed pink, sunrise never disappearing.

We bundled the boys up and headed out of the city, drove for about an hour, and ended up at Gouldson Tree Farm.

Out of the truck to choose our sleigh. Last year was Dasher, this year was Dancer.

There was just enough snow for the sleigh to slide along, but not too deep for a 2 year old’s little legs.

Callum decided that the very first tree we came upon was the one. Unfortunately it was at least 12 feet high. It took some convincing, but he agreed to continue the search.

We walked, we discussed, we played. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

This is one of my very favourite Christmas traditions. I just adore the whole day.


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